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Wedding Frames …handmade by BESNi. / Vjenčani Okviri …handmade by BESNi.

My handmade and Homo sapiens hunt are the same thing. No precise technics, no specializations, no atomic drafts… Just instinct with the most primitive tools in my hands… Vision, passion and patience are the most sensitive materials in this process… Vision is like glass. If my hands need soft gloves, my vision needs strong armature. If I’m not completely in – I quit. Full concentration is the armature of vision… During this process, some parts of the vision are permanently damaged. That is a final beauty in that creative storm. That damage is a diamond. That damage is award. That damage is a push. That damage is a crown of entire process. New product. With personal bonus.



If you want to see this products – no problem! I will bring it to the meeting point. | Ako želite vidjeti ove proizvode – nema problema! Donijet ću ih na sastanak.

myROCKWEDDINGbase 56,66 EUR (431,74 kn)

19myELEGANCEWEDDINGbase 106,66 EUR (812,74 kn)

Available personalization, just you need to ASK and BESNi. will make it.

… click “play” if you want to check how it’s made.


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